Thursday, September 6, 2012

Los Angeles (Part I)

Our view from the plane. Mountains!

Obviously excited.

We're in LA!

Our cab driver. He warned us about the Japanese.

Then he wanted a picture with Tori.

Some Breaking Bad shit.

The toilet was so graffited. Too bad you can't tell.

Wandering about the city.

Some Latina protest.

The trolley!


Some Mexican dive where the drinks were strong.

These are all disposable camera pictures and pictures from Tori's phone from our first day.

We woke up at 4:30 AM and got ready to go to the airport. Tori's stepdad drove us and we got there around 6:15 AM. We checked in and waiting to board the flight. We ended up flying with a large soccer team and therefore we had to check in our bags because those assholes put their backpacks in the overhead compartments. We slept most of the way because we had been awake for so long, and basically went into the future. The plane ride was 3 hours and we left at 7:15 and arrive at 8:15 AM. We got our bags rather quickly and caught a cab to our hotel.

We didn't know but we actually were staying in Little Tokyo. Our hotel was really nice, but we couldn't check in until 3 and we were in the mood to get crazy, but unfortunately it was only 9 AM. So we dropped off our baggage and wandered around town. We didn't know but we went the wrong way and ended up going uptown where everyone was suited and stuck up.

We walked around and went into a few little shops and Grand Central Market. That place was insane and the pigeons were fearless. We had to go to Wells Fargo, and right next door was a place called Steak & Leaf, which is perfect as Tori loves steaks and I'm a vegetarian. The guy that worked there was really friendly and we got some sandwiches and chilled out a bit. Tori asked me to ask the guy where to go as he had been the only one being nice to us and there was an equality sticker on the door. He got a map and started marking it up and actually brought up Google Maps on his screen and showed us some shit. He then said he would walk us to Angel's Flight and show us how to ride the trolley.

Tori wasn't a fan of him as he may have been a fan of me. We rode the trolley, walked around some more and went to the MOCA. We got some lemonade at their mini restaurant and had tiny red velvet cupcakes.

The museum was awesome. We wandered around more, ran into some Vegans protesting a large animal testing facility, and then wound up at a sushi bar. We had some wine and left. We ended up at this little mexican bar called La Cita. It was dark with small red lanterns lighting up the ceiling. The atmosphere was cozy and the music was loud. Tori got a Vodka Sour and Tonio (which we learned was his name) said, "More Vodka than sour?" and that it was. Not to mention my margarita was all tequila with a squeeze of lime. We drank outside and met two fellows that gave us a rundown of where to go.

Inside some crazy lady asked us how to say "You look sexy" to the bartender in Spanish. We ended up talking to Michelle for a bit and she said she would walk us to our hotel and give us a small tour. She knew just about every other person on the way to her office. She worked for the DA and after some tight security, we got inside. She showed us her office, which she called in sick to that day.

We also stopped by the building where LA Confidential or some shit is filmed and met a real life detective who was awesome as hell. Then we ran into Michelle's boyfriend who was fucking insane looking, and walked to our hotel which didn't take long at all.

We checked in, showered, and ate at a restaurant called Fat Spoon across the street. We drank Japanese beer called Sopiro and talked to the waitresses. A lesbian walked in and told us the places to go.

We went home and passed out. We probably walked about 7 miles that day, so we didn't feel too lame.