Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Tori got called Robyn about eight times.

We found pear hard cider.

Julie's girlfriend, Angela and Tori.

This is Brennan.

Fuck you too.

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I'm sure this boy did not even remember the next day.

We're going to miss you <3

Some thrusting action.

Hill Hill, me and some bitch.

There was a lot of ass action going on this night.

I'm not quite sure why Tori and I look photoshopped into this picture, but I like it.

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Tori and Banks.

Friday, Tori came over around 9 and we did some last minute getting ready and went to pick up some beer. We ended up purchasing raspberry beer, hard pear cider, corona, and some weird apple shot in a round can that Tori found.

We got to Julie's and the apartments had some weird gate we had to sneak in. The apartment was tiny and packed with about 15 people, which at least tripled in the next few hours. The apartment belonged to two gay boys, and Julie's sister DJed a bit of Robyn, old school R&B and some other interesting choices. It was hot but we spent most of the time outside, smoking cigarettes and socializing in at atmosphere where we weren't rubbing elbows with everyone.

We left about 2:30 AM and headed to Hillary's. We chatted a bit and I went to bed while Tori and Hill hung out until she came and crawled in bed with me. Hillary had to work early in the morning, and left Tori and I a key so we could sleep in. We woke up, and got salads from Fuzzy's. We came to my house and ate, watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, and my sister came over for a minute. I chatted with her and then joined Tori for a nap. We slept until about 6 or so and rounded up Bubs and my things, and headed to Tori's mom's. She's house sitting, again. Her mom went to Canada with her stepdad. We showered and got ready and met Veronica and Brie at this new gay bar called Cherries. It was small, and used to be a strip club, and honestly still had the feel.

We were there for Brie's friend. His boyfriend was a starring Drag Queen and the club was new. Well, newly opened. We actually saw the owner and he owns a nasty join on the opposite side of town. Brie's friends from school were there, and the night ended up in a bickerment, and some walking around until Brie and Veronica left. Tori and I still felt like going out, so we stood in line for Sue's and ran into a friend.

The place was PACKED. I have never seen it that way. We ran into a few more people we didn't want to see, and danced, smoke cigarettes and had one drink. We took pictures in the photobooth which turned out fucking adorable. I hope to share them once Tori stops being so lazy and scans them.

We stopped at Taco Cabana on the way home. We went to bed around 4 or 5 AM and had to wake up five hours later to be at her Dad's by 12 for lunch. All of her step sisters...and their kids were there. Penny made a delicious lunch and all we did was sit around the table and talk about all kinds of things.

Her step sister April gave us a few spots to check out while in LA. We took some pictures, and we left. When we got home we played with the dogs and watched South of Nowhere until we fell asleep. We nap a lot on the weekends, it's nice. When we woke up, we ate again, watched some more South of Nowhere and Tori read Hunger Games. We turned on Holes and watched it until about 1 AM.

We woke up at 5:30 and got all of my shit together, fed the dogs, and we left towards my house. I got ready and came to work, and I'm still pretty sleep today.

Yesterday was my mum's birthday, but she never even came home. I hope she had a good time. I hope I get some pictures in today. I will be listing some more items up in our shop, so keep an eye open.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ashes to Ashes

My sweet, perfect, photogenic pup. I swear he makes everything better. Dogs>humans.

There's this map rug at work, that I'm sure won't be missed if I took it.

I decided to update since it's been a bit, even though I haven't done much. Friday, I waited up for Tori until about 10 o'clock and we called a cab. We played with the newborn puppies until it got to my place. We headed to the Londoner, but it was packed wall to wall. So we just got a few drinks and chain smoked and called a new cab. Somehow, we still managed to spend about $40 on my tab, meet a deaf pup named Stella who knew human sign language, and awkwardly bump into my mom's boyfriend and a girl we met a month or so ago who doesn't know she's a lesbian yet.

We went to another bar, and we became friends with a random, extremely open-minded, straight man named Tony. I still need to add him on Facebook. Hillary met us up there after she went to the Frank Ocean concert and we had more drinks, played darts, and met a couple of more guys that we were convinced were boyfriends.

We went home and passed out. The next morning was kind of ruined by my mother, and Hillary couldn't find her wallet. We all left and Tori, Bubba, and I headed to her dad's house about two hours away where we watched the dogs. On the way there, we stopped and got Babe's, a Nintendo 64 controller, where Tori realized she didn't have her ID, and some hydration. We took pictures with a fake cop, stopped at a garage sale and got three unicorn pictures, and when we got to her dad's our food was cold. I ate mashed potatoes, and we played Mario Kart. I suck at that.

We then took a nap. Story of our life. When we woke up, we played with the puppies and Tori made homemade macaroni and cheese, baked in the oven. So fucking delicious. We watched both Kills Bills. Tori got a bit sick, and then we went and bought some Nyquil. We took an unreccomended dose and fell asleep to Mad Men.

We woke up around 2:00 the next day and cleaned house. We ate left over Mac and Cheese and watched Spiderman and Batman. By the time we showered and got ready her dad and stepmom, stepsister, and her boyfriend came home their cruise. They got me an oversized bottle of Crown and a necklace. We visited for a few hours and Tori brought me home. We ate Taco's and watched House Hunters, picked up her ID from the last bar, and fell asleep.

It's always sad when she leaves in the morning.

Work was long yesterday, and I wanted to take pictures in this spot of the warehouse that caught my eye one day. I even brought all of my tools and camera, but my boss stayed late. Normally everyone leaves right at 5. Today, I don't feel like it. Tori was telling me that I need new subject matter. Well, I like doing portraits, and I'm okay with that.

When I watched the lesbian flick High Art, it really actually made me feel a lot better at the fact that I love portraiture so much. That's my thing, and that's okay. I do need to start carrying my camera around with me more, because I know that I can capture so many beautiful moments, but I'm always so scared of ruining it.

Anyway. Today's another day where I need to focus on my work more.

Tomorrow I hope to register for class. I'm awaiting an email back from Daniel, so I can start writing for the paper next semester.

Until then.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Flicker & Flutter

I took this because my hair felt really long this day. Keep growin', bitch.

My friend Wendy and I drinking green smoothies at Cafe Brazil.

Sweet Angel <3

My girlfriend's been sending my these super cute little outfit diptychs. AWE.

I found these brogues at goodwill. They are bad ass. Bubba agrees.

I made one for her ;)

This is old, but here's Tori being cute on da roof of my bedroom.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday as I've been getting these terrible headaches. You know, migraines I suppose. I got prescribed these pills to take once I feel one coming on, along with nausea pills. I was advised to get my eyes checked and to stop drinking caffeine.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I drink quite a bit of caffeine. I know that redbulls aren't good for you. I know that. I actually told myself on Tuesday that I needed to stop drinking those. I haven't had one since! I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's quite a feat considering I was having like a two a day most of the time.

I am currently drinking a cup of coffee, but I can ween myself off, right? I need to get on a regular sleeping plan, and start taking vitamins. I don't understand why I stay up so late anyway considering I never do a damn thing.

Sometimes I get a bit lonely as I've given up all the "friends" that I had previously because they just weren't good people. Now, I never do anything which also inhibits me from making new friends. I know I have a lot to offer, but it just seems so impossible sometimes.

Thank goodness I have Tori.

Anyway. I've done a bit of instagram update even though I haven't been taking much pictures. I'm getting excited about people being intersted in my items on eBay. I want to sell as much as I can and just save up that money for LA. I can't wait to go. I'm getting more and more excited about it as the days go by and time is passing so quickly.

Can anyone else believe that it's already almost August?

My birthday is August 13th. I will be 23 and I don't know why but lately I have just been thinking so much about growing old, and how depressing it really is. I think everyone goes through this when they are this age, though. I hope it passes.

Until tomorrow, where I will (hopefully) have a more uplifting post.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I didn't take pictures all weekend, again.

It was a busy weekend. Tori's mom is back from Hawaii, and had her wedding reception. Tori and I were real dolled up, and we socialized and watched mom's get drunk all over the place. There was an open bar and too much karaoke. It was a blast.

We then headed to her mom's, watched her open gifts and went home and fell asleep to Mad Men.

We slept so much this weekend, it's insane. It was fucking lovely.

We woke up on Saturday quite late and made some pasta, potatoes, and garlic bread. Then we took a nap...When we got up we played with the dogs a bit and then got dressed and went to Tori's mom's house. They had mexican food and we played Pictionary on her mom's macbook projected on the wall. It was fun.

We came home and watched Mad Men and took some Zzzquil. We were out like a light.

The next day was quite lazy until night when we got ready for Veronica's birthday. We met her at a restaurant, met her friends, and then Tori and I and Veronica and her girlfriend, Brie, went to S4. It's been a while. It was the same shit, attack of the exes, gay boy extravaganza.

While leaving, I bought Tori a hot dog and we wandered into a small bar beside S4 playing Madonna. We danced and got called the lesbian Spice Girls. A gay man bought us a drink and then we left.

I was so tired Monday and I didn't feel like doing anything. So, I didn't.

Yesterday I cleaned out my car, and brought in all of Tori and my old clothes. I photographed them, which you can find on our eBay.

We will have more items soon, but due to the restrictions of new sellers, those are all of the items I can list for now!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Yesterday was my sister's birthday. She works down the road from my work so we met for lunch and went to Subway. She showed me her wedding band and she is going to look married as hell. What a rock!

After work, I finished up her card. I stamped all of the letters inside. My friend Wendy made the flower on the inside. She didn't like it so I took it and thought it would fit well inside the card and it give it more character.

We went out to dinner to Olive Garden. Afterwards, my neighbor's puppy was having babies all day! So we went over to see them. While we were there she actually had another. She had her last pup at 1 AM, 13 puppies! It was crazy, she's not even a big dog.

It was so strange, seeing new born puppies. It made me feel slightly nauseous, but mostly it was quite beautiful.

So tinyyyyyyyy

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This last picture pretty much sums up my life.

Yesterday after work I cleaned my room. The feeling of my room is so perfect. My lit candles overflowing with wax, the smell of vanilla, my warm lighting, all of my things surrounding me...it's such a simple, comforting feeling.

My friend Wendy came over and we chatted and then went to Cafe Brazil. Our waiter was a super sweet little gay man. We got green smoothies and I ate spinach quesadillas with rosemary potatoes.

We headed over to Target where she got some cute high waist shorts, which I must purchase next, and we browsed through the clothes and shoes. I got my sister this cute floral pencil holder for her work where she can put a picture of her and her soon-to-be husband in it.

We came back and listened to Warpaint and Rilo Kiley and made arts and crafts. I started on card that I'm going to finish before her dinner tonight.

Homemard cards are the best.

I snapped these before bed, where my pup was patiently waiting.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Original piece by Nick Hutchings

This was filled with 20 gallons of black ink.

All of his art was covered in charcoal.

Tori stayed with me again last night because her favorite teacher has a show at my school. He’s been a huge inspiration to her. She really does have such a talent for sculpture, and when she had his class…I saw this side of her that was so passionate. I really think that she could focus on this and be extremely happy, but unfortunately, that’s not how the world works.
She was really nervous and excited to see him. It was so nice meeting him, to put a name to the face. It was a good, short time.

When we got home, she packed up her things and left shortly after as her mum’s is about an hour away from me. I cleaned my room once she left, even though it’s not quite done.

For some reason I felt quite pretty last night, hence the completely un-artistic self snaps.

I’m completely in love with my girlfriend.
I’m going to LA with just her in a month and a half.
I have a good job.
I’m doing well in school.
I’m writing for my paper next semester.

I just feel quite good about my life right now, and it’s been a while.

Until tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sorry, not sorry.

I channelled Minnie Mouse with my work outfit on Friday.

I didn't take ONE picture all weekend. Except when Tori put on a pink bunny onsie, complete with bunny feet. However, I didn't even think to bring my memory card when I un-cuddle my girlfriend this morning.

I'm not even sorry!

I had an amazing weekend. Friday, Tori got to my house around 10 and we went to Clay Pit, an Indian restaraunt where we were the only guests as we got there around closing time. We tried to leave, but they insisted they stayed. The whole meal felt like a dream, and in the sense where it was surreal. Tori got a bit drunk as she is a light drunk and we rented a terrible zombie flick that I fell asleep during.

We slept in a bit and got ready for an hour or so and left for Northpark. We shopped all day. We got most of our finds at H&M and Forever 21, which pleasantly surprised me as normally they don't have many cute things. We ate a Snappy Salads, which won the best salad ever for me thus far in my 23 (almost)  years.

We went to Movie Trading Co. after the mall and spent about an hour and a half hunting movies. We got about 10 lesbian flicks and watched two and fell asleep around 3 AM.

Yesterday we slept in until about 2 PM and literally laid in bed ALL DAY. It was magical. The only time we got out is when we walked the pups and picked up food. We even ate in bed. We watched our lesbian films until we fell asleep around 1 this morning.

I woke up to her splendid face and came to work. I have been ultra busy and pretty productive.

I shall have pictures tomorrow.


Friday, July 6, 2012


Again, with the exhausted pictures.

I'm proud that I at least took some. Hopefully this weekend, I will also actually take some and produce images that I'm proud of.

These pictures were my mood.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I had the day off of work yesterday, so Tori picked me up Tuesday after work.

I came home and she was napping in my bed. Something so simple, is so dreamy to me. The natural light that fills the room, and the comfort of her in my sheets. I cuddled her to wake her up. I packed my things and we left. It's an hour drive, and when we got to the house we took care of the pups and worked on her book some more, we passed out around 1:30 AM.

We had to wake up at 8:30 the next morning, and I am in sleep debt, so I woke up unbelieveably tired. I had a headache from hell and my mood was a bit sour. We went to her dads and we visited for a bit. Then, we headed up to her work and we booked our trip to LA. It's insane to think that I am actually going on a trip with Tori. We have our festival tickets, our plane tickets, our hotel booked for four nights, we have absolutely everything. It doesn't seem real yet.

We went back and sat with her step mom and watched her cook and talked about all kinds of things. It's a simple, yet nice feeling. I wish that I had a mother that was normal. A mother that cooked lunch and dinner and was sweet and nuturing.

Her mom got married on the beach in Hawaii around 11 PM our time. She's a sweet lady that deserves everything that she has. I tell Tori all of the time that she is so lucky to have the family that she does.

We went back and finished her book, went to Wal Mart and made this giant cookie, which was the crust for Tori's homemade fruit pizza. She let me pick the fruits, and I decorated it so pretty. I wish I had taken a photo. She made a steak, and we ate spinach tortellini in alfredo and went to bed.

I'm not sorry for not taking pictures the last two nights. I don't get much time with Tori, and when I have her time, I cherish it.

Here's to taking photos this weekend. She is done with school today, and that makes me incredibly happy.