Thursday, July 25, 2013

bleak bake.

Yesterday we were going to stop and take pictures, but Tori felt too ill.

Which you wouldn't know unless I told you. Angel.

I got these, though.

I plan on taking a lot of pictures this weekend. Sewing a lot of things. Drawing. Making music, anything and everything I can get my hands on.

Until then.

(for some reason, these uploaded kind of shitty quality, but what can you do, blogger? (besides makes really long sentences.))

Monday, July 22, 2013

positive vibes all around

My summer beer.

My house-wife headgear when I was cleaning this weekend.

My desk on Friday. Stacks on stacks.

A pretty rad thrift find last week.

It tastes like summer.

Things have been so simply lovely lately.

There's just this breeziness about life. It's like, good things are finally happening, and all we have to go is up!

This weekend was simple. Lots of time with Tori, it was nice. We spent a lot of time watching Orange is the New Black. We went to Joann's on Saturday and got a whole lot of fabrics for pillows for our couch that Tori made, and I cannot wait to try my hand at making some cushions.

Joann's had a crazy amount of deals and some pretty, pretty fabrics.

We ate Mexican food and then we got rained out. We were going to go to Tandy's and get leather, but, another day. We have enough projects on our hands as is.

Sunday, I cleaned all morning and had some beers and got a bit day drunk. Got the house looking and smelling nice, hung out with the boys. Then Tori came home and we made dinner, and I went to bed early. I woke up for a bit and we drank sleepy time tea and watch more Orange, and Tori fell asleep in my arms.

This morning, I was pretty productive at work. Got caught up mostly. Walked to a cafe and got a salads and some pistachios. Drank iced coffee, sent my best friend a long email. Now, Tori is going to get me at 5, and we are going to take pictures, thrift, eat, and meet my coworker at a bar to watch her dart competition.

I hope things keep sailing along the way that they have been ~

My birthday is coming up and Tori (who just got a job at Starbucks today! OMGGGG) and I are going to get a hotel for the weekend, with the boys as dogs stay for free at La Quinta (good to know). We are going to shop, and wander around, go out, see friends, and take the boys canoeing.

I hope everyone has been as lovely as I have!

Monday, July 15, 2013

summer heart

Carly and I.

Nancy and Garrett.

Trevor being white trash, or something.

Tori in my room.

Tori and I.

This weekend was quite fun.

On Friday, Tori picked me up and we went and bought a vacuum (first a fridge and now a vacuum, like who are we?). We also bought some hangers and loads of cleaning supplies. Also, this delicious blueberry cobbler candle.

We were so inspired by the candle, that we went to eat at Cracker Barrel. I was so fully of delicious sides and blackberry cobbler (no fucking blueberry, but equally delicious) that I didn't want to clean, but we made some coffee and cleaned anyway.

We were supposed to go out and dance the night away, but being the vacuum/refrigerator purchasing adults that we are, we stayed in and cleaned. The fuck has my life become.

On Saturday I added finishing touches to the house all day, and when Tori got home she made lots of dips and chips and shit. 

Our friends came over and we drank margaritas and a plethora of beers.

Good times.

Tori and I slept all day, literally, and then watched really sad movies until bed. Oh, with a Twisted Root break in between. Diets start on Mondays, right?

Some instas from this weekend -

Just a typical Sunday night in our household.

Saturday cleaning break.

Our Thai Basil plant and Wheat-grass blossoming so nicely.

Until then, xo.

Friday, July 12, 2013

mon ton ton

Little bubs hanging out with me while I soak in the tub.

Some of our clothes and things hanging in the bathroom.

My fucking Zenon sandals.

I wish that I had something more interesting to put here.

This week has been a blur, really. I don't even know why it has been exceptionally busy and I have been exceptionally tired.

All week we have been cleaning up the house and running some long awaited (boring, adult) errands, like getting a fridge and spending $160 on our pets.

We went grocery shopping last night, and it was insane, and I am well beat by it. It's so fucking nice though, luxurious ~

I cannot get enough of this song -

Tori's friend, Nancy, came to hang out the other night. While we were waiting on her, Tori and I put on some music and danced in our living room together, and it was a small, magical moment. This song played and I can't stop (won't stop).

I also can't get enough of parenthesis lately, they really capture my sarcasm.

Tonight we are going out and trying our hand at being social again. Lots of drinks and dancing, oh I hoap.

Tomorrow we are having a small get together.

My oh my.

Until then.

Monday, July 8, 2013

soul to seoul

My morning consisted of all of the above in this video. 
Playing with shadows.

Tori cleaned the bathroom and made me coffee on Saturday morning.

On Friday, I left work to meet with an attorney. It was a shit show of a day. 


Dallas, the city I love/hate.

I picked up this skirt at thrift town for $5. Very Givenchy ~

Always showin' up late with Starbucks.

This weekend was a total bust.

We were supposed to go out on Friday and have a party Saturday, but nothing worked out. So instead we went on a few little datsies. Saturday was my sister's birthday party, and I got her an engraved compact.

Sunday I fucked up Tori's tire, but luckily I have the money to get it all squared away. So this weekend will be a make up of this past weekend, and all will be good in the world.

 This weekend, I got to thinking about how I look at life as opposed to some people. About how I am constantly creating these small moments. Those moments in your favorite film when things are moving in slow motion, and all you can hear is this perfect song for that moment, and you feel nothing but this calm, this genuine, simple sense of happiness. Those moments can exist, and I am constantly having them. Taking a shower in a freshly cleaned bathroom with calm, dancy, dreamy music playing. Dancing around while getting clean. Dancing in your living room with your partner at midnight for no reason. Drinking your coffee and walking around town on a new route, trying to catch a bus you don't even know might be there. Watching the sun rise behind black trees when you only got two hours of sleep, and it doesn't even matter because the sky is pink and alive, and the sun rises in a different color every morning. These small moments of simple happiness can happen all the time. A hundred times a day if you let them. I love these moments and I hope they never end.

I had a few epiphanies this weekend. I hope they last.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

hidden gems.

Yesterday was a great day. Read about it here. Feel free to follow.

Last night I watched a really beautiful movie called Mosquita y Mari.

Ugh, it was so well shot. I can't stop thinking about. The actresses were great, and their chemistry was perfect and adorable. It wasn't a movie about sex, you don't even see anyone kiss. It was just this perfect movie about this relationship about two girls, this coming of age story.

It also had a great soundtrack, and now I can't stop listening to this song. You must see this movie.

Monday, July 1, 2013

wedding bell.

This weekend was so silly.

The last of the birthday celebrations were on Friday. Tori had dinner with her family and I cleaned the house a bit because we thought her brother was staying. When we found out he wasn't, we took Hillary out to Caves for some drinks. We started the night out with Royal Fucks and Jager shots and some beers.

This random guy just came and made himself cozy at our table and was later joined by his friend. We made up stories about how Tori and Mariah were actually Amish and shunned by their families and I was their secular friend.

Caves was boring as it's a weekday bar and so we venture to a bar down the street with them, and this table behind us followed. The night started to blur a bit and we played pool and the random table of men bought us drinks. The original two creeps brought us home and the next day wouldn't stop texting Tori and even called her from a random number, Stage 5 creeper.

Anyway. Saturday was Tori's stepsister's wedding, and I am not much of a wedding gal, but that shit was beautiful. She planned it out every small detail and she looked gorgeous. They were so in love and it made me feel like a little bitch. Tori and took all day getting dolled up and we had a nice time. It was a good night.

Sunday we honest ate and slept all day like lazy ghetto bitches. Watched too much Grey's.

I didn't get any sleep because Tori and I stayed up talking (and watching Grey's) until 4:30. I didn't get to work 3 hours later and we even stopped for donuts and coffee. Hello, adult.

Look at me updated my blog on the reg.

Until next time.

If I ever get married, this will be my song. Forever.