Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm not particularly impressed with last night's photos.

I'm really exhausted to be quite honest.

This weekend should come up with some decent photos.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


At work, you know. Working hard.

I'm a mess.

Looking like a fucking 90's kid.

A dinner my handsome man, Ruben, made for me.

Tori and I arting around for a project of hers.

My mother and grandpa.

My sister and I.

My nephew!

Sweet little man in the bath.




I found a sweet tie die shirt at goodwill for $1.

cute ass girlfriend.

Cafe Brazil.

Fucking melting.

Good Morning :)

Lunch for queens.

It's hard to look intimidating in a unicorn necklace.

I found a peach tree where I take Bub's to play.

Sweet little guy.

Tori sent me this adorable diptych from the other weekend. She's so adorable.

Just one more test and exam and I'm done for a month.

3/365 environment.

So, I completely left my memory card here at work yesterday, so I couldn't take my 3/365. Which, felt like a big deal because I was feeling really good about being so adamant and inspired about the whole bit. Anyway, the last picture on this instagram update is the little pallet I set up on my bed to photograph on. So, technically, this could be a bullshit 3/365, right?

No, but I will have something tomorrow.

I also had more pictures, since it's been a while, but somehow I moved them to a different folder and now I can't access them. I am not saavy one bit when it comes to this Apple shit, even though I did jailbreak my own phone.

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There's a little gem for you at the bottom, there.

My second day of my 365 isn't too special. I had quite a long day with work, and then school. Taking my boy to play ball, giving him a bath, and then bathing myself. My inspirtaion was a bit of Moonrise Kingdom with the make-up, and my head piece is something that I love, but never get the chance to showcase.

These suited my mood perfectly, and made me feel relaxed and simply happy.

I love this project, I know it's the second day, but I really do.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I ventured to this spot behind my apartments, a small street full of warehouses and fields of construction. I passed by this area one day while walking Bubba, and I loved the power lines. So, I chose this for my first 365 location. I'm quite please with these images, as I was sweating a bit and it was my first time to set up my tripod outside. I thought I would be more awkward and nervous with the passing cars, but I really didn't give a fuck.

I've been really into black and white lately, I'm not sure why. I wanted to keep the color in these images as my car is a seafoam green color. However, I can always use my car in pictures. I liked the black and white. The last two were completely spontaneous. I finished around golden hour, and I decided to snap a few more. I  saw them once I got home, and they're so simple, but I love them.

I'm feeling inspired.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I am making a short term goal.

To start a 365 or a photo series.

I think is what I need.

Inspiration as of right now...

I did a bit of self portrait thereapy the other day for inspiration for a 365.

Friday, June 8, 2012

These are some disposable cameras that I got developed. Which I'm quite upset about considering one of them only had four turn out. I'm going to call and bitch a bit about that.

The first two are of my delicious girlfriend were in Austin the weekend of SXSW. So is the one of the man playing with the back drum. I have loads of my precious little man, and the rest are from Mother's day (the feet) and KC. The last one is my best friend that graduated, and a few up is his boyfriend. It was a splended trip, and even the drives were okay, because Tori and I just had some laughs.