Tuesday, January 28, 2014

bathed in grey.

My old friend text me the other day and said, "What happened to your pregnancy?", referring to a previous entry about feeling pregnant with inspiration.

I said, "the loss of my memory card." Mixed with a little stress of apartment hunting, moving, packing, and everything that goes with it. Not to mention, my social level is at an all time high. I swear, time is flying by being stretched so thin.

The picture above is the most perfect apartment that I finally found. Did I mention it's perfect?
It's a fourplex, so mine is the entire top, right half. It's all wood floors, crown molding everywhere, big closet, and has a little stack-able washer and dryer. I'll get pictures when I get it all decorated and cute. I'm so excited.

Big changes ahead. I can't wait to build this new life.

The other weekend I was give a free Canon Rebel film SLR. I have eight rolls of film I have been watering at the mouth to use. I'm so excited. Once I get back on my feet from this move I'm also going to invest in some impossible film and use my polaroid that has been hanging around collecting dust since I got it three years ago.

So many things I want to do. Sew, take pictures, make music, make art.

I've missed feeling so thrilled by life.

Remember everyone, it's okay to cut people out of your life. To get yourself out of situations that make you feel unhappy, and however hard and scary it seems, the healing process is way faster and less painful than you think it is.