Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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My little moonbeam always wants to play. He'll come and just sit that rope right in my lap, like HI MOM.

I can't get over these flower details on papelook. Just sharing our cute instants from Austin.

Just a tattoo appreciation post. We got these in Austin. Of course mine is Radiohead lyrics. Tori got the 7 little x's from Scott Pilgrim.

Moonbeam staring out the window in Austin waiting for his other mama to come back with coffee and puppacino's!

My best friend stopped into town on his way home from his internship in Sante Fe back to KC. We went and ate pho and then to see Blue Jasmine. It was mediocre but Cate Blanchette was phenomenal. I didn't think she could impress me more than she already had, but I was wrong. She's great.

Some flowers my coworkers got me for my birthday.

I'm always showing up late with Starbucks, but at least I'm wearing a cute pinafore.

Taking up all the seats on the bus on my birthday.

When I was a babe, always pimpin.

Some breakfast I made my Tor before work one morning.

Cheating on Starbucks, but how can you say no to crushed ice and cute daisy cups?

Some new glasses I purchased.

Man oh man it has been a while since I posted my instagram pictures. I have made quite a few videos, but they don't post so nicely, so I've left them out. Feel free to follow my instagram @francesscacope.

Things were getting pretty routine and nice, and my birthday threw everything off. I fell off my nice diet and exercise routine pretty hard.

Austin was great. It was so nice having the boys with us, and taking them all around town. We went kayaking, and ate at a bunch of good restaurants, got tattoos, the whole bit. Soon we'll live there, and the hopefully goodbye to Texas for forever.

Things just keep getting better and better and looking up. Tori is making great, huge steps at school. I'm getting my basics finished up, and might be headed for a promotion at work. The house is getting homey-er every weekend. We have a great group of people in our lives, and I just feel so content lately, just simply happy.

I hope things stay this way.

Tori and I are coming up on our three year anniversary. I won't write here what I am thinking about getting her as she might see it, but I've had the idea for months and months.

I know I haven't done a proper post in a while, but soon I will.

Until then.


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