Thursday, June 28, 2012


At work, you know. Working hard.

I'm a mess.

Looking like a fucking 90's kid.

A dinner my handsome man, Ruben, made for me.

Tori and I arting around for a project of hers.

My mother and grandpa.

My sister and I.

My nephew!

Sweet little man in the bath.




I found a sweet tie die shirt at goodwill for $1.

cute ass girlfriend.

Cafe Brazil.

Fucking melting.

Good Morning :)

Lunch for queens.

It's hard to look intimidating in a unicorn necklace.

I found a peach tree where I take Bub's to play.

Sweet little guy.

Tori sent me this adorable diptych from the other weekend. She's so adorable.

Just one more test and exam and I'm done for a month.

3/365 environment.

So, I completely left my memory card here at work yesterday, so I couldn't take my 3/365. Which, felt like a big deal because I was feeling really good about being so adamant and inspired about the whole bit. Anyway, the last picture on this instagram update is the little pallet I set up on my bed to photograph on. So, technically, this could be a bullshit 3/365, right?

No, but I will have something tomorrow.

I also had more pictures, since it's been a while, but somehow I moved them to a different folder and now I can't access them. I am not saavy one bit when it comes to this Apple shit, even though I did jailbreak my own phone.

Until tomorrow.

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