Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I ventured to this spot behind my apartments, a small street full of warehouses and fields of construction. I passed by this area one day while walking Bubba, and I loved the power lines. So, I chose this for my first 365 location. I'm quite please with these images, as I was sweating a bit and it was my first time to set up my tripod outside. I thought I would be more awkward and nervous with the passing cars, but I really didn't give a fuck.

I've been really into black and white lately, I'm not sure why. I wanted to keep the color in these images as my car is a seafoam green color. However, I can always use my car in pictures. I liked the black and white. The last two were completely spontaneous. I finished around golden hour, and I decided to snap a few more. I  saw them once I got home, and they're so simple, but I love them.

I'm feeling inspired.

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