Monday, December 3, 2012


I really need to start taking pictures. More. I need a film camera. The picture above is by Francesca Woodman. Her story is eerie, you should read about her if you don't know about her. Her pictures tell this story. It's creepily, absolutely perfect. She has been my latest inspiration. Mostly a self portraiture artist, which I'm quickly realizing I think I am, or really, a portraiture photographer in a whole. My subjects are mainly always people. I love to capture the mood of the environment through people. Their expressions, their eyes. I'm fascinated with eyes. They tell more a story than anything else on this earth. You can almost read everything they have been through that day, that year, throughout their life through their eyes. What simple, splendid thing. I want more.

More from Francesca.

Self Portrait.

An inspriration of mine since the beginning of my photography obsession's time - Mary Ellen Mark. I actually wrote a paper on her for my spring semester and her time spent at Ward 81. You should really read about it.

Unfortunately my next bit of inspiratioin, I didn't hear about Nan Goldin until I watched a lesbian film called High Art. The movie is very losely based on her. And by losely I mean, it's just the fact that the photographer was a portrait photographer who focused mainly on LGBT subjects. Nan Goldin isn't a lesbian and didn't die, so.

Here is some of her work.

The moments and the moods, the reality, and the rawness. I love it.

I want to be inspired.

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