Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Creep, creep, creepin'.

The ring lookin' ass.

Nursing wing of my college.

At the Union Bear trying out some crazy beers.

Me n my hood.

This mirror was just so big and festive.

Skeleton girl.

My school has pretty cool lights.

Third eye Rita.

Shadows on my wall.

the babes.

I took my camera on an outing the other night after I had to take some snaps at an art show for school. My new friend Rita and I ventured down town to a few bars and had a couple of drinks. She played with my camera a bit.

The rest of the pictures are from a walk around the building while waiting for my exam to start. This last one of the boys was part of a print for Tori's university work. They're adorable.

Here's to taking my camera along with me more, I need to start getting back into things.

I'm also thinking of taking a film class next semester and learning how to use the dark room. I think that will fire up my inspiration.


1 comment:

  1. Using a dark room is lots of fun, I learnt in highschool and I wish I just had one at home so I could develop my own film and not have to pay.
    You should really do the film class!

    ps, that actually is a really cool light. It doesn't even look real???