Monday, August 5, 2013


Yesterday we went to Trader's Village. We bought a bunch of shit we didn't need. Like these sunglasses. I got colored contacts, a necklace with Tori's name written on a grain of rice. We got new cell phone covers and lots of really great, inexpensive produce.

Before Trader's, Tori and I were gluttons and got La Madeline to go because we didn't want to get dressed. We got coffee and brought the dogs and fed them puppacino's. It was nice.

Saturday night my friends wanted us to go out. Tori was beat, so I took this picture of her. All Saturday we got dressed up and went to down town Ft. Worth and walked around to silly shops, at lunch at this delicious restaurant, and I took some pictures of her in this bridge.

I got these bad ass sunglasses where people can see themselves in a fish-eye sort of way. So, naturally, I took this being the reflection-ass-bitch that I am.

Last weekend we all went out. We went to Grapevine bar where we snapped these. The crowed was bleak, so we ventured to good ol' Beauty Bar where the bartender got me way too drunk and kissed my hand goodbye.

Before we left, Tori and I captured how thug our life really is.

Nothing beat ice-cold coffee.

It's been a bit since I have updated this blog.

I have actually been having a bit of a life.

Tori got a job at Starbucks, and absolutely loves it. Which is great. Plus, Starbucks, omg.
We have been doing a lot of fun things. Crafts, being social, and recently started a new life.

By that I mean this great app called C25K.

We have finished day 2 of week 1, and I feel fucking fantastic. I feel like all of this talk about changing our life is finally happening.

I mean we even went and bought running gear. Can you get more serious?

I have some pictures on my memory card to edit, but it's at home.

My phone is currently experiencing some white screen of death, which is unfortunate.

Until next time.

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