Friday, July 18, 2014


These are the last few weeks in my apartment.
It's bittersweet, really. 
My apartment is my place to escape, it's my space and only my space.
These days, I'm constantly on the move, I wake up early to get ready for my commute, I work all day, I commute all the way back home, I take care of my my pups, and then my friends seem to occupy up the only hours that I have left of my day.
I have this strong, family of friends. It's something that I've missed having, that closeness, having dinners together, sharing secrets, sharing lives.
But, sometimes, it's all too much, and I just need that time for myself.
Which, will become less once I move into my house.
Two bedrooms, one bathroom, three girls.
We have the same schedule, really, so it should be interesting.
I'm making these goals now:

1. Make time for myself.
2. Start my running routine back up and train for a 5K in October.
3. Finish a book by the end of the month.
4. Carry my camera with me everywhere, document everything.
5. Clean eating.
6. Find a new, better paying, happier job by September.
7. Start school in Spring.

Now that I'm nearing 25, I've been having a slight quarter-life crisis.
I'm seeing my friends grow up and I'm seeing my life stay stagnant.
I'm constantly dreaming of this life I want, but how can that become a reality if I don't start making these changes. The fucking cliche, life is what you make it, is a cliche for a reason.
No one controls your life BUT YOU, nothing controls your life BUT YOU. 
I need to quit dreaming, thinking, waiting, and I need to DO.

Here's to big changes.


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