Friday, June 13, 2014

highway revisited

Today, the 300 miles between my girlfriend and I feel as heavy as the asphalt used to travel them.
Today, these 300 miles are as overwhelming as the hours used to fulfill them.
A round trip equivalent to a day of work that we can't seem to get out of.
A visit four times a month, if I'm lucky.
A visit a day at a time with weeks in between.
And everything is in numbers.
Miles, hours, day, weeks, months.
And how is that when we are together numbers don't exist?
And how am I supposed to adjust back to reality?
And the reality is just that - this is it.
That all of these numbers aren't changing anytime soon.
But I don't feel things in numbers.
I feel things in galaxies.
I feel everything, all at once, with everything that I have.
And I love her.
I love her in galaxies.

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