Wednesday, March 13, 2013

this town's the oldest friend of mine


My cousin Shannon

My mom and Kruz

The kids and I

My mom and Kayman

Ladie's mannnn

My brother, me, my mom, Kruz and Kayman, my Brother's wife Nikki, my cousin Shannon, her daughter Chloe, and my sister.

Chloe, posing.

Kruz was riding the scooter.

Chloe took this of Shannon and I

My brother, his wife, and Kruz


Chloe took this as well

Shannon and Chloe

The other weekend was my nephew's Kruz first birthday!

And a few days later their new baby popped out. They need to learn how to occupy their time better.

It was a lovely weekend, seeing the family. Great weather at the park.

The main thing I want to remember is how my mom and I were taking silly pictures with the laptop effects and my mom told me to take one of my sister and she looked at the screen and almost wrecked and killed us. We didn't die, so it was way too funny.

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