Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Photos above taken with a Canon EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT and disposables.

I decided to give myself a little inspiration. Of myself, to myself. I used to take pictures all of the time. My camera dangling around my neck or in my bag everywhere I go.

All of these pictures were not planned. That's the way I like it.

A lot of them are self portrait therapy. Days when I feel inspired by nothing at all, by the simplest ideas, by a surplus of emotions and passion that I have to let out. Whether those feelings be negative or positive. An outlet.

My girlfriend is another one of my muses. A lot of these pictures are from California, or adventures that we went on. I don't ever want this to stop. This energy within me that is always wanting more and absorbing everything around me and taking it in, making it my own, learning from it and growing from it, whatever it may be.

The electricity, that everything that I see is wonderful and inspires me.

So many crazy things lately that are filling my head, what more of a better reason than to start lugging my camera around more.

I got a Yashica 44 from my grandma when I went to her house recently. My grandma is the closest woman in the world to me. Little did I know she has this beauty stowed away in her closet collecting dust, in mint condition. I have been wanting a TLR for so long and was going to splurge one day and get one. She also gave me a few other goodies. I need to get film for this girl and take her out for a spin. Soon. I am overflowing with photo project ideas that I need to fucking execute.

This is what my new camera looks like.

and here are all of the goodies I got. Via instagram.

You'll be seeing new shit from me soon.


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  1. So jelly of your goodies. Will bring about many adventures!