Friday, June 28, 2013

golden hour.

We made another spur of the moment adventure yesterday. A bit repetitive as the last time I took Tori's pictures were also at a cemetery.

Our roommate read all about this one, this is the one we tried to go to originally, and apparently it's haunted. It actually felt really pleasant and joyful compared what it should have felt like, and the reason it's there in the first place. It was nice, and it was golden hour.

I need to go out and take more pictures. So. So so soon. Good news is around the corner, I hope.

More birthday celebrations this week.

These are the only instagram pictures I have taken all week. On Tuesday, I cut out these giant letters and Tori and I strung them with thread. We got thres leches cakes and piled them up and surprised her when she came home. Then I was an old lady and went to bed. Busy, busy weekend ahead of us. We are celebrating Mariah's birthday for real this time, instead of just giving her copious amounts of cake.

Then on Saturday is Tori's step-sister's wedding and we have been scrambling around picking out the perfect dresses and how we should do our hair, etc, etc. It should be fun.

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