Monday, June 24, 2013

l o f t m u s i c

Our backyard is growing plants like crazy. We discovered a pear tree on Saturday morning.

I'm always commuting.
I was early to one of my stops, so I walked to my train. This is one of my favorite little spots in downtown. It's this huge peach building, and these tall green trees are line up perfectly in front of it.

I accidentally missed my stop because I was playing Candy Crush, sorry. The next stop was so lush, though.

A little picture I took of my grandma's refrigerator. I love this kitchen. I grew up here. The wallpaper. My grandma hung that herself in the 70's. The only pictures on her fridge are of me. (besides her little pup, RIP)

I just can't stop listening to The Weeknd. I want to do some covers of a few songs.

This weekend was strange. It was relaxed, but I didn't get much sleep and there was a lot on my mind and a lot that was discussed. I'm still in this strange limbo, and I didn't get anything creative done this weekend.

Well, that's not entirely true. I did bake for two hours on Saturday. My roommates birthday is on Tuesday, so we decided to do some early celebrating.

Stolen from my roommates' instagram.
This was the biggest cake I ever made. It was five layers and I colored them to a pink ombre. So, it was kind of successful. She loved it, and it's mighty tasty.

I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning and watching Grey's Anatomy. Like, I really have a problem.

Until next time.

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