Wednesday, December 4, 2013

3/365-10/365. currently.

 Took an outtake from an old 365 to make up for the days lost.

my aunt died on wednesday, the next day in my 365. i didn't have any desire to do anything, then i went out of town, left my camera due to a preoccupied mind and my 365 fell short. came home last night and attempted to sleep. back on it today.

 another oldie. we've seen this one before.

 an outtake from one of my favorite self portrait therapy sessions.
 thanksgiving day. i took my dogs to the park. it was lovely out.

 another gem from thanksgiving. the fall colors are so vibrant, i mean how could you not?

 i always love finding feathers. even though i know that they're disgusting, i can't help but always pick them up and twirl them around in my hand.

 i always find smoke so beautiful.

all caught up. my mom's home looks like a swanky brothel.

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