Thursday, October 18, 2012

Loud Mouths

My step-son, Tori's dog, Banks.

A delicious summer time beer that Ashley and I drank.

Just Bubs being a sweet angel baby.

Little creature <3

This is how I spend,er, spent my lunch breaks.

Packing and realizing I have more denim than anyone should have.

A chiuaua we rescued from an abusive home and found a new loving one for!

The first additions to our new house! This is in our studio.

Watching the sunrise with my bubs!

He loves his new backyard!

So, I haven't updated this thing since October 1st.

That whole entire weeks was spent looking for houses, calling about houses, and looking at houses. We found out that week that we were getting the house that we originally applied for! Which was good news.

That weekend was Index Festival on the 5th and 6th. On Friday we got there just a bit before Grimes played, who we came for. She was amazing, but the sound guys kept fucking up, and her sound even shut of right in the middle of a song. We wandered about, had a few beers, and hung out with some friends. Then, we met Grimes! It was quick, but it was awesome. Then we went to S4 and watched an awkward Drag King/Burlesque show. Ew.

The next day we went only for Washed Out, so we lounged around and then went. We brought the parking lot lady a hot chocolate and it was a cold, cold night. We got our picture taken for the Observer and, here:

Tori's friend, Casey, actually took this who works for After that we went to Tori's friend house and drank some Modelo and talked film. We are going to start making short films and music!

All the next week I was just working, schooling, and packing. We got the keys to house on October 12th and started moving in all of our things. Shit is so hard right now.

The house was abandoned for a few months and before that a man lived there and attempted to remodel the kitchen and fix things up, which basically means we have a few leaks and half done kitchen. Our landlord is going to fix those things and has lowered our rent until then. Also, the people left branches everywhere and mattresses, and trash, and it's going to be a lot of work. But it's a really cute house and I can't wait to have it cleaned up!

So, not like any of you really read this blog, but that is what has been going on. Also  this is mainly for me, almost an online diary of sorts to know when and how things happened and how I felt. To note progression, etc.

Thank you.


  1. awww these dogs are super cute :)
    your blog is amazing!