Thursday, February 14, 2013

We had just moved into our piece of shit house. The pups were being cute per usual.

Bubsy <3

Tha boys.

Handsome yet so dopey.

This lil creep had a bday on 10/27. 4 yrs :'(

Block party animals.

Bubba b4 his ear got amputated.

my creepy college.

halloween at beauty bar w this bish.

lindsey's pup ziggy stardust

heavy brows from before i moved w tor.

my bff's artwork.


poor boo.

faggies <3

some shit i started.

gay 4 each otherrrr

my adorb nephew

my booooos

shaved my bish dome

hair growth


It's been a long time since I did an instadump though.

Christmas, new years, having to move in a month, finding a new house, etc etc.

Our new house is perfect. With Hillary. I got a raise. Today is Valentine's Day. Seeing Warm Bodies and eating sushi tonight w Tor. 

Until I have the brain capacity for a real post.

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