Monday, July 1, 2013

wedding bell.

This weekend was so silly.

The last of the birthday celebrations were on Friday. Tori had dinner with her family and I cleaned the house a bit because we thought her brother was staying. When we found out he wasn't, we took Hillary out to Caves for some drinks. We started the night out with Royal Fucks and Jager shots and some beers.

This random guy just came and made himself cozy at our table and was later joined by his friend. We made up stories about how Tori and Mariah were actually Amish and shunned by their families and I was their secular friend.

Caves was boring as it's a weekday bar and so we venture to a bar down the street with them, and this table behind us followed. The night started to blur a bit and we played pool and the random table of men bought us drinks. The original two creeps brought us home and the next day wouldn't stop texting Tori and even called her from a random number, Stage 5 creeper.

Anyway. Saturday was Tori's stepsister's wedding, and I am not much of a wedding gal, but that shit was beautiful. She planned it out every small detail and she looked gorgeous. They were so in love and it made me feel like a little bitch. Tori and took all day getting dolled up and we had a nice time. It was a good night.

Sunday we honest ate and slept all day like lazy ghetto bitches. Watched too much Grey's.

I didn't get any sleep because Tori and I stayed up talking (and watching Grey's) until 4:30. I didn't get to work 3 hours later and we even stopped for donuts and coffee. Hello, adult.

Look at me updated my blog on the reg.

Until next time.

If I ever get married, this will be my song. Forever.

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