Monday, July 8, 2013

soul to seoul

My morning consisted of all of the above in this video. 
Playing with shadows.

Tori cleaned the bathroom and made me coffee on Saturday morning.

On Friday, I left work to meet with an attorney. It was a shit show of a day. 


Dallas, the city I love/hate.

I picked up this skirt at thrift town for $5. Very Givenchy ~

Always showin' up late with Starbucks.

This weekend was a total bust.

We were supposed to go out on Friday and have a party Saturday, but nothing worked out. So instead we went on a few little datsies. Saturday was my sister's birthday party, and I got her an engraved compact.

Sunday I fucked up Tori's tire, but luckily I have the money to get it all squared away. So this weekend will be a make up of this past weekend, and all will be good in the world.

 This weekend, I got to thinking about how I look at life as opposed to some people. About how I am constantly creating these small moments. Those moments in your favorite film when things are moving in slow motion, and all you can hear is this perfect song for that moment, and you feel nothing but this calm, this genuine, simple sense of happiness. Those moments can exist, and I am constantly having them. Taking a shower in a freshly cleaned bathroom with calm, dancy, dreamy music playing. Dancing around while getting clean. Dancing in your living room with your partner at midnight for no reason. Drinking your coffee and walking around town on a new route, trying to catch a bus you don't even know might be there. Watching the sun rise behind black trees when you only got two hours of sleep, and it doesn't even matter because the sky is pink and alive, and the sun rises in a different color every morning. These small moments of simple happiness can happen all the time. A hundred times a day if you let them. I love these moments and I hope they never end.

I had a few epiphanies this weekend. I hope they last.

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