Monday, July 15, 2013

summer heart

Carly and I.

Nancy and Garrett.

Trevor being white trash, or something.

Tori in my room.

Tori and I.

This weekend was quite fun.

On Friday, Tori picked me up and we went and bought a vacuum (first a fridge and now a vacuum, like who are we?). We also bought some hangers and loads of cleaning supplies. Also, this delicious blueberry cobbler candle.

We were so inspired by the candle, that we went to eat at Cracker Barrel. I was so fully of delicious sides and blackberry cobbler (no fucking blueberry, but equally delicious) that I didn't want to clean, but we made some coffee and cleaned anyway.

We were supposed to go out and dance the night away, but being the vacuum/refrigerator purchasing adults that we are, we stayed in and cleaned. The fuck has my life become.

On Saturday I added finishing touches to the house all day, and when Tori got home she made lots of dips and chips and shit. 

Our friends came over and we drank margaritas and a plethora of beers.

Good times.

Tori and I slept all day, literally, and then watched really sad movies until bed. Oh, with a Twisted Root break in between. Diets start on Mondays, right?

Some instas from this weekend -

Just a typical Sunday night in our household.

Saturday cleaning break.

Our Thai Basil plant and Wheat-grass blossoming so nicely.

Until then, xo.

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