Monday, July 22, 2013

positive vibes all around

My summer beer.

My house-wife headgear when I was cleaning this weekend.

My desk on Friday. Stacks on stacks.

A pretty rad thrift find last week.

It tastes like summer.

Things have been so simply lovely lately.

There's just this breeziness about life. It's like, good things are finally happening, and all we have to go is up!

This weekend was simple. Lots of time with Tori, it was nice. We spent a lot of time watching Orange is the New Black. We went to Joann's on Saturday and got a whole lot of fabrics for pillows for our couch that Tori made, and I cannot wait to try my hand at making some cushions.

Joann's had a crazy amount of deals and some pretty, pretty fabrics.

We ate Mexican food and then we got rained out. We were going to go to Tandy's and get leather, but, another day. We have enough projects on our hands as is.

Sunday, I cleaned all morning and had some beers and got a bit day drunk. Got the house looking and smelling nice, hung out with the boys. Then Tori came home and we made dinner, and I went to bed early. I woke up for a bit and we drank sleepy time tea and watch more Orange, and Tori fell asleep in my arms.

This morning, I was pretty productive at work. Got caught up mostly. Walked to a cafe and got a salads and some pistachios. Drank iced coffee, sent my best friend a long email. Now, Tori is going to get me at 5, and we are going to take pictures, thrift, eat, and meet my coworker at a bar to watch her dart competition.

I hope things keep sailing along the way that they have been ~

My birthday is coming up and Tori (who just got a job at Starbucks today! OMGGGG) and I are going to get a hotel for the weekend, with the boys as dogs stay for free at La Quinta (good to know). We are going to shop, and wander around, go out, see friends, and take the boys canoeing.

I hope everyone has been as lovely as I have!

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