Thursday, March 27, 2014

at the hop.

This past weekend, my favorite humans ventured into my city of Dallas. Katheryn hailing from Houston and Ruben, coincidentally on the same weekend, from Kansas City.

So, we made Saturday the greatest, most wonderful, double date day of all time, as Ruben brought his boyfriend Derrick with him. Which, is a rare treat.

The day started off with Ruben picking us up and heading to Cosmic Cafe, eating my favorite foods and drinking bottomless coffee. We all laughed and got to know each other better, and it was perfect. Afterwards, we headed to Fort Worth to check out the Modern Art Museum and the Kimbell Art Museum. We spent a lot of time at the modern because no one had been but me. 

Above you can see Derek walking across Carl Andre's sculpture, Slit (1981). This was a big deal for Derek as he explained (I'm extremely paraphrasing here) that it is meant to be walked across, but you also feel like you shouldn't. We watched and some people didn't even know it existed. And, here you have Derek wanting me to capture the moment because it was a big deal to him. Beautiful.
(The artwork in the back of Derek is Dark Blue Panel, Dark Green Panel, Red Panel, by Ellsworth Kelly, 1986.)

The most intriguing art to me was an exhibition of Fred Tomaselli. His collages were so intricate and breathtaking. I can only wish that I owned his artwork.

We walked around holding hands and discussing the pieces, Derek and Ruben both art students, Katheryn and I both passionate. It was splendid. The Kimbell was quite different. We caught it 30 minutes from close. They have so many original paintings, and while there I was very inspired to start a photo series of the guest of museums, Museum Dwellers. For this, I'd like to use my TLR, so it may happen in the future.

Afterwards we headed to Good Records to kill time before was saw the new Wes, Grand Budapest Hotel. Katheryn and Ruben geeked out and bought a handful of albums, and Derek and I strolled about pausing to kiss our lovers from time to time. 

Next was Paciugo and then the film. 
I wish I could lie and say that I loved the film, but I didn't. It was beautiful. It seems as though Wes' budget continues to increase, so therefore, it was stunning. The main characters were absolutely charming. It's just, there were a handful of things that I didn't like. Some of the characters were never fully developed to my liking. The story ended quite abruptly, and depressing. However, I also do this thing where I anticipate greatness and that leaves me to be displeased by my own faults. Who knows. I would still recommend it.

Isn't Katheryn beautiful?

The rest of the night was spent having Shiner with some friends, playing Catchphrase and card games and passing out early in the morning.

Needless to say, the rest of the weekend was even more magic than this day.

All photos taken with my Canon EOS digital Rebel 350D.

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