Friday, April 20, 2012

News years resolutions, mid year?

I'm not usually one for making New Year's Resolutions, BUT I've decided to go ahead and do so.
Even though the year is almost half way through.

  • Start waking up more than one hour before I have to be at work.
    I need to start allowing myself for time. Half the time that I come into work, I look like street trash. I have don messy top knots, and my outfits are strewn together last minute. I don't get to take the boys on a decent walk and I'm rushing and sometimes a minute or two behind. This is the most important change I need to make.
  • I need to focus on my work more.
    These two go hand in hand basically as being more awake in the morning will help with this. I get my work done, but I want to go above and beyond and accomplish more in the day, especially with all of my new duties.
  • Go to the gym.
    I got this fucking membership that I pay for each month, and I was doing quite well for a bit there and lost a little over a pound in one week. I haven't been in (I am ashamed to say) probably a month or more. Thus, I will eat healthier. I mean I gotta look good in this bathing suit!

Black Aztec Monokini Swimsuit - River Island

  • Start eating healthier and taking vitamins.
    I don't eat terribly, and I don't eat meat. However, this causes for more cheese substitutes, and candy isn't a meat, right? I want to start eating more healthy components and incorporating vitamins into my diet. Perhaps I will be vegan one day when I can figure out how to make vegan cheese!
  • Save!
    This has already begun, and I want to keep it up. I need to start putting back more of my funds now that things have calmed down for me financially. Not only do I need a savings, but I need to pay things off and I would like to have a vacation soon. 
That is all I can think of right now.

Let's call this to be continued...


  1. We are so much alike, its scary! I just put these same changes into effect in my life :) I bought a journal specifically to track my progress. When I get back from the grocery store, I log everything I bought and its calorie content. Then everyday I track/plan my meals and snacks, and make sure to stay at 1500 calories a day. I exercise for 30-60 minutes a day, but I split the time in two for morning and night. I've also been getting up earlier, but when it comes to change you have to improvise and not beat yourself up when you don't meet your exact goal. What I've discovered is that eventually, you'll get there. Like today, I woke up at 7am on my own, even though I set my alarm for 8. But my goal has been to wake up at 7am. So, go me! Lol. Also, that bathing suit is freakin ridiculous. I love it! Just have faith in yourself and be kind to yourself. If you ever need encouragement or someone to vent to who is going through the same journey, I'm always here!

  2. We really are so much alike! That's awesome! I haven't made any progress, and since the beginning of the year I have probably actually regressed a bit. BUT, you do inspire me. I need to get back on it! I can't wait until you're here. I have some awesome goodies coming your way shortly!

  3. Also, thank you for being so kind and just flat out RIDICULOUSLY awesome.

  4. Ha! You're welcome :) And if I can swing it, I will try to come visit the weekend of August 17th so we can celebrate our birthdays. I just have to see how my finances go over the new few months. Fingers crossed!