Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday banter.

This post is completely irrelevant to anything, however, I thought I would update. Though, I have no readers really as of yet.

Torrance is still borrowing my camera, but I hope that we finish her project this weekend so I can use my new remote! Also, I want to start updating this more with pictures.

Today I came across some pictures from SXSW of Torrance and I. I played with them a bit. You can also see them on my tumblr.

This effect is super trippy, but I liked it.

Here is the real one.

Anywho. I'm pretty ecstatic about this weekend. Our plans are as follows:

  • Friday - Her friend is having a Softball benefit for her sister and the charity that supports her disease that took her life. I will not be partaking as I do not have a sports bone in my body. I will be watching my woman show off her sexy skills on the field as I sit nearby and have a beer.
  • Saturday - There is some sort of sculpture show at a dog park. Being dog ass bitches, we will be attending that, I believe. Plus, we love any excuse to take the boys to the park! That night her friend invited us to the Say Anything and Kevin Devine show. I am not much of a Say Anything fan and haven't heard much, but I do enjoy Kevin Devine. Also it is an excuse to have a few drinks and mingle. Besides, our friend Hillary is joining and I haven't seen her in ages, and I used to live with her!

Did I mention that we have met Kevin Devine in all his glory? He was so sweet!

Also, An Horse. OH HEY. [sorry, I'm so awkward.]

  •  Sunday - We are planning on attending Scarborough Fair! Finally. I bought these tickets last week and we didn't go this weekend as we were tight on money. So I'm excited. Ridin' Elephants and shit. I say "planning on attending" as Tori is swamped with coursework. BUT, that is the plan!
Awesome pictures to come out of this weekend, I hope. I also have a disposable I need to finish up so that I can get it developed. I don't even remember what the few pictures are that are on it. I also have a few snaps left on my Instax.

Any awesome plans this weekend?

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