Monday, April 16, 2012

I haven't had time, or really I haven't put as much effort into this as I should be.
I also left my tripod at my girlfriend's house.
I want to start doing outfit posts, like everyone else in the world and doing more photographing of my day to day life. However, my life isn't terribly exciting as of right now.

Good thing this blog isn't live quite yet as I have just purchased two tickets for Torrance and I for Scarborough Fair sometime in the coming up weekends. We are nerds, and I fucking like it. It's a surprise for her, and she is going to be so excited.

On Friday we went and saw Titanic in 3D. It was so weird and pretty exciting at first. Two hours later the 3D effect seemed to wear off. My favorite part in 3D is when the life boats go back to find survivors and stir around the dead bodies with their oars. You know, before Rose blows her rape whistle.


  • I am 22, and I work 40 hours a week.
  • I attend community college and I hope to transfer to a university after my associates and perhaps get an internship at a local newspaper or magazine. I am majoring in journalism and possibly minoring in philosophy.
  • I have a girlfriend of a year and a half, currently. Her name is Torrance and she is a beautiful art student bitch.
  • My favorite bands consist of Beach House, Warpaint, Cat Power, Interpol, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, and so many more. But really, it's hard to classify favorite bands. Also, I have favorite songs that I only know the one song, yaknowwhati'msaying. Like These Days by Nico, or Don't Look Back by Telepopmusik.
  • My favorite movies consist of Darjeeling Limited, American Beauty, Waking Life, Saved!, Pulp Fiction, and my brain doesn't feel like naming anything else off OKAY.
  • I have a dog that I raised from six weeks and I am quite obsessed with him. He is my child.
  • I dress like a freak, I like fashion, but I in no way shape or form wear name brands or dress extremely cool. Right now I'm wearing a bright yellow nylon tank that looks like it belonged to a man who did too much steroids, a black bodycon skirt, footless tights, spartacus sandals with a broke toe thong, a top knot, and neon green toenails. I hope you still care to read on.
  • I don't know what else to cover. This blog is me with no inhibitions.
  • I have a tumblr where I reblog naked women, a lot of creepy shit, fashion, and things I find funny.

(I was going to do one of those "my week in instagram photos" and then decided I will just post some random pictures to give you a little taste of who I iz)

Aye yo. A school outfit, and perhaps first outfit post of my blog?

Fairbanks, Tori's dog, and Bubba (my son) being homos.

My sweet boy laying in my lap while I try to do some coursework.

Oh you know, just my long ol' legs.

I work one of those Monday - Friday Office Space type of jobs.

Another school outfit.

My messy ass hair. My boss calls it my "Palm Tree".

My girlfriend randomly got me these cute socks :)

My fresh nephew!

Visiting my grandpa in the hospital this year. He is A OK.

Oh yes, I did see Radiohead AND IT WAS AWESOME.

My girl and my son being all cute and shit.

Bubba being a model.

The remnants of my night of Radiohead.

Bubba cruisin' with me as always.

Being a bad ass at DrawSomething.

Part deux.

Leaving for SXSW.

My babes and I in Austin. We did each other's hair ;)


Oh  yeahhhhhhhhhhh ;)


My yellow ombre.

My friend Ashley volunteers at the big pussy sanctuary. In Sync Exotics.

We played with some puppiez.

Being a dyke.

Oh you know, just some sticks on the wall of my college.

From the night we saw Titanic.

Torrance and I took her mom to get a pedi for her birthday oo lala.

She so beaut.

I don't know how to rotate this shiz, but this is the first package for our online store! Link is coming soon when we get it all cute and professional and shit.

This is old, Bubba's glamour shot.

This is Torrance and I from my birthday last year. August 2011. I was growing out my undercut.

Torrance and I donning our St. Patrick's day mustaches courtesy of the flaming homosexuals getting us drunk off our asses at Rain in Austin for SXSW weekend.

Highlight of SXSW was meeting this man. He is the Fashion writer for the Austin Chronicle and his life inspired me.

Tori and I being glamorous for her birthday in Austin this year in January.

Okay that is me, and Torrance and my dog son and a peek into my life.

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