Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Yesterday was my sister's birthday. She works down the road from my work so we met for lunch and went to Subway. She showed me her wedding band and she is going to look married as hell. What a rock!

After work, I finished up her card. I stamped all of the letters inside. My friend Wendy made the flower on the inside. She didn't like it so I took it and thought it would fit well inside the card and it give it more character.

We went out to dinner to Olive Garden. Afterwards, my neighbor's puppy was having babies all day! So we went over to see them. While we were there she actually had another. She had her last pup at 1 AM, 13 puppies! It was crazy, she's not even a big dog.

It was so strange, seeing new born puppies. It made me feel slightly nauseous, but mostly it was quite beautiful.

So tinyyyyyyyy

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