Monday, July 9, 2012

Sorry, not sorry.

I channelled Minnie Mouse with my work outfit on Friday.

I didn't take ONE picture all weekend. Except when Tori put on a pink bunny onsie, complete with bunny feet. However, I didn't even think to bring my memory card when I un-cuddle my girlfriend this morning.

I'm not even sorry!

I had an amazing weekend. Friday, Tori got to my house around 10 and we went to Clay Pit, an Indian restaraunt where we were the only guests as we got there around closing time. We tried to leave, but they insisted they stayed. The whole meal felt like a dream, and in the sense where it was surreal. Tori got a bit drunk as she is a light drunk and we rented a terrible zombie flick that I fell asleep during.

We slept in a bit and got ready for an hour or so and left for Northpark. We shopped all day. We got most of our finds at H&M and Forever 21, which pleasantly surprised me as normally they don't have many cute things. We ate a Snappy Salads, which won the best salad ever for me thus far in my 23 (almost)  years.

We went to Movie Trading Co. after the mall and spent about an hour and a half hunting movies. We got about 10 lesbian flicks and watched two and fell asleep around 3 AM.

Yesterday we slept in until about 2 PM and literally laid in bed ALL DAY. It was magical. The only time we got out is when we walked the pups and picked up food. We even ate in bed. We watched our lesbian films until we fell asleep around 1 this morning.

I woke up to her splendid face and came to work. I have been ultra busy and pretty productive.

I shall have pictures tomorrow.


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