Thursday, July 5, 2012


I had the day off of work yesterday, so Tori picked me up Tuesday after work.

I came home and she was napping in my bed. Something so simple, is so dreamy to me. The natural light that fills the room, and the comfort of her in my sheets. I cuddled her to wake her up. I packed my things and we left. It's an hour drive, and when we got to the house we took care of the pups and worked on her book some more, we passed out around 1:30 AM.

We had to wake up at 8:30 the next morning, and I am in sleep debt, so I woke up unbelieveably tired. I had a headache from hell and my mood was a bit sour. We went to her dads and we visited for a bit. Then, we headed up to her work and we booked our trip to LA. It's insane to think that I am actually going on a trip with Tori. We have our festival tickets, our plane tickets, our hotel booked for four nights, we have absolutely everything. It doesn't seem real yet.

We went back and sat with her step mom and watched her cook and talked about all kinds of things. It's a simple, yet nice feeling. I wish that I had a mother that was normal. A mother that cooked lunch and dinner and was sweet and nuturing.

Her mom got married on the beach in Hawaii around 11 PM our time. She's a sweet lady that deserves everything that she has. I tell Tori all of the time that she is so lucky to have the family that she does.

We went back and finished her book, went to Wal Mart and made this giant cookie, which was the crust for Tori's homemade fruit pizza. She let me pick the fruits, and I decorated it so pretty. I wish I had taken a photo. She made a steak, and we ate spinach tortellini in alfredo and went to bed.

I'm not sorry for not taking pictures the last two nights. I don't get much time with Tori, and when I have her time, I cherish it.

Here's to taking photos this weekend. She is done with school today, and that makes me incredibly happy.

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