Monday, July 2, 2012


I have been failing quite miserably at my 365. I, yet again, left my memory card at work.

This weekend was spent with Torrance. She picked me up and took me to her mom's house with her. We talked with her mom a bit, watched some olympics, worked on some homework and watched Modern Family and fell asleep to Friends. Her mum is getting married on Wednesday, and they left for Hawaii about 6 AM on Saturday morning. We fell back asleep numerous times and went to lunch at Mexican Inn and had some massive Margarita's. We ran errands a bit tipsy, and spent the rest of the day running more errands and working on her project. She made a stencil of a giant tie and we made the covers and I spent the rest of the evening sewing it up. I'm quite please. All whilst watching Coraline. We watched Tomboy and went to bed. We ran out of yarn Sunday to finish the book. We played a lot, wrestled, ran around, took care of the pups, made Eggplant paremesan, and watched TV movies. We were exhausted. She brought be back around 7:00 after an hour drive.

I love her.

I don't work on Wednesday, July 4th. So, she is picking me up Tuesday and Tori and I will spend Wednesday with her dad and we are buying our plane tickets and reserving our hotel for LA! I'm so excited.

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