Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I didn't take pictures all weekend, again.

It was a busy weekend. Tori's mom is back from Hawaii, and had her wedding reception. Tori and I were real dolled up, and we socialized and watched mom's get drunk all over the place. There was an open bar and too much karaoke. It was a blast.

We then headed to her mom's, watched her open gifts and went home and fell asleep to Mad Men.

We slept so much this weekend, it's insane. It was fucking lovely.

We woke up on Saturday quite late and made some pasta, potatoes, and garlic bread. Then we took a nap...When we got up we played with the dogs a bit and then got dressed and went to Tori's mom's house. They had mexican food and we played Pictionary on her mom's macbook projected on the wall. It was fun.

We came home and watched Mad Men and took some Zzzquil. We were out like a light.

The next day was quite lazy until night when we got ready for Veronica's birthday. We met her at a restaurant, met her friends, and then Tori and I and Veronica and her girlfriend, Brie, went to S4. It's been a while. It was the same shit, attack of the exes, gay boy extravaganza.

While leaving, I bought Tori a hot dog and we wandered into a small bar beside S4 playing Madonna. We danced and got called the lesbian Spice Girls. A gay man bought us a drink and then we left.

I was so tired Monday and I didn't feel like doing anything. So, I didn't.

Yesterday I cleaned out my car, and brought in all of Tori and my old clothes. I photographed them, which you can find on our eBay.

We will have more items soon, but due to the restrictions of new sellers, those are all of the items I can list for now!

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