Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Tori got called Robyn about eight times.

We found pear hard cider.

Julie's girlfriend, Angela and Tori.

This is Brennan.

Fuck you too.

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I'm sure this boy did not even remember the next day.

We're going to miss you <3

Some thrusting action.

Hill Hill, me and some bitch.

There was a lot of ass action going on this night.

I'm not quite sure why Tori and I look photoshopped into this picture, but I like it.

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Tori and Banks.

Friday, Tori came over around 9 and we did some last minute getting ready and went to pick up some beer. We ended up purchasing raspberry beer, hard pear cider, corona, and some weird apple shot in a round can that Tori found.

We got to Julie's and the apartments had some weird gate we had to sneak in. The apartment was tiny and packed with about 15 people, which at least tripled in the next few hours. The apartment belonged to two gay boys, and Julie's sister DJed a bit of Robyn, old school R&B and some other interesting choices. It was hot but we spent most of the time outside, smoking cigarettes and socializing in at atmosphere where we weren't rubbing elbows with everyone.

We left about 2:30 AM and headed to Hillary's. We chatted a bit and I went to bed while Tori and Hill hung out until she came and crawled in bed with me. Hillary had to work early in the morning, and left Tori and I a key so we could sleep in. We woke up, and got salads from Fuzzy's. We came to my house and ate, watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, and my sister came over for a minute. I chatted with her and then joined Tori for a nap. We slept until about 6 or so and rounded up Bubs and my things, and headed to Tori's mom's. She's house sitting, again. Her mom went to Canada with her stepdad. We showered and got ready and met Veronica and Brie at this new gay bar called Cherries. It was small, and used to be a strip club, and honestly still had the feel.

We were there for Brie's friend. His boyfriend was a starring Drag Queen and the club was new. Well, newly opened. We actually saw the owner and he owns a nasty join on the opposite side of town. Brie's friends from school were there, and the night ended up in a bickerment, and some walking around until Brie and Veronica left. Tori and I still felt like going out, so we stood in line for Sue's and ran into a friend.

The place was PACKED. I have never seen it that way. We ran into a few more people we didn't want to see, and danced, smoke cigarettes and had one drink. We took pictures in the photobooth which turned out fucking adorable. I hope to share them once Tori stops being so lazy and scans them.

We stopped at Taco Cabana on the way home. We went to bed around 4 or 5 AM and had to wake up five hours later to be at her Dad's by 12 for lunch. All of her step sisters...and their kids were there. Penny made a delicious lunch and all we did was sit around the table and talk about all kinds of things.

Her step sister April gave us a few spots to check out while in LA. We took some pictures, and we left. When we got home we played with the dogs and watched South of Nowhere until we fell asleep. We nap a lot on the weekends, it's nice. When we woke up, we ate again, watched some more South of Nowhere and Tori read Hunger Games. We turned on Holes and watched it until about 1 AM.

We woke up at 5:30 and got all of my shit together, fed the dogs, and we left towards my house. I got ready and came to work, and I'm still pretty sleep today.

Yesterday was my mum's birthday, but she never even came home. I hope she had a good time. I hope I get some pictures in today. I will be listing some more items up in our shop, so keep an eye open.

Until tomorrow.

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